Supply Gas to Electricity

Bontang city government continues to realize the demand of electricity supply. One that does is to supply acceleration gas.  request was presented Mayor Adi Darma Bontang H coordination during a visit to the Executive Agency for Upstream Oil and Gas (BPMigas) at Wisma Mulia Floor 28 Jalan Gatot Subroto, Jakarta, some time ago . Q6RAQ47SJ38B Gas Electricity

"Our goal coming into this BPMigas as an effort to obtain natural gas supplies, where the gas would we be if the electric power and city gas to support the program, as this leads to the welfare of the community," said Adi Darma told Deputy Operations BPMigas Rudi Rubiandini, Head of LNG and LPG Marketing Agus Sapto BP Migas, and Division Chief PMG Jikaullah MI.
Gas Electricity

According to Adi Darma, electricity is the basic needs that must be met. Moreover, this is known as a city rich Bontang. So he said, the city government will continue to fight for the electricity needs could be met.

While the deputy mayor, who accompanied Mayor HIsro Umarghani Adi Darma said the municipal government is hoping Bontang Bontang got quotas of natural gas from the central government, where gas demand in the short term at 3.0 mmscfd would be a power plant.

Respond to requests Mayor and Vice Mayor, BP Migas Deputy Operation Rudi Rubiandini explain, in principle, BP Migas agreed to supply natural gas to Bontang and the gift will be given in stages.

"In principle we will help what is the hope of Bontang municipal government, hopefully this year we will provide gas supply of 3 mmscfd first. Wherein the gas for it to generate electricity for approximately 15-18 mega watts of electricity, "said Rudi.

During the meeting accompanied the Mayor, Staff Development Expert Ening Widiastuti, To the Department of Industry Trade, Cooperatives (Disperindagkop) and SMEs Risa Pahlevi, Head of Economic Taufik Idris, as well as from local enterprises, possibly, Rahadian Bontang Gas Electricity

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  1. seems as if natural gas is more abundant, and would be a clean source for electricity