Supply Gas to Electricity

Bontang city government continues to realize the demand of electricity supply. One that does is to supply acceleration gas.  request was presented Mayor Adi Darma Bontang H coordination during a visit to the Executive Agency for Upstream Oil and Gas (BPMigas) at Wisma Mulia Floor 28 Jalan Gatot Subroto, Jakarta, some time ago . Q6RAQ47SJ38B Gas Electricity

"Our goal coming into this BPMigas as an effort to obtain natural gas supplies, where the gas would we be if the electric power and city gas to support the program, as this leads to the welfare of the community," said Adi Darma told Deputy Operations BPMigas Rudi Rubiandini, Head of LNG and LPG Marketing Agus Sapto BP Migas, and Division Chief PMG Jikaullah MI.

Jordan raise electricity tariffs for gas supply is reduced

Jordan on Monday said it would raise electricity rates in the week between nine and 17 percent to compensate for losses caused by the reduction of gas supplies from Egypt.

"The increase between nine and 17 percent will go into effect on Wednesday to consumers who use 600 kilowatts of electricity over / hours per month," said the Electricity Regulatory Commission, AFP reported.

"Those who consume up to 600 kilowatt / hours per month, or 92 percent (6.5 million) population, the increase will not be affected," he said in a statement.

However, economists Mansur Yusef said he expects the majority of the population will be less likely to be independent of the electric rate increase.

"I do not think that the rate of 92 per cent accurate. Consumption and power demand varies seasonally. I do not think they (the commission) has the ability to calculate percentages," said Mansoor told AFP.

Natural gas pipeline to Jordan and Egypt, Israel has become the target of repeated attacks over the last year.

Egyptian gas accounts for 80 percent of Jordan's need for electricity production - 6.8 million cubic meters per day.

Jordan suffered losses due to attack of about 1.5 billion U.S. dollars in 2011, according to the commission.

Kingdom is studying the prospect of importing liquefied natural gas from Qatar, which has the third largest gas reserves in the world

Tracing the Electricity Network in the United States

Map of United States power grid cursory look like road maps between regions. However, unlike highways, our electrical grid is not planned. The network consists of the interconnection of separate regions and slowly awakened by the local devices as they attempt to connect with their neighbors.

Currently in the United States, more than 241 000 km high voltage transmission lines carry electricity from generating 5400 more than 3,000 company-owned plants. Most of these lines carry alternating current (AC), and 1.9% of them carrying a direct current (DC) are more efficient at a great distance.

Power Plant will Replace Fuel Use Natural Gas

  - PT State Electricity Company (PLN) Limited will leverage the technology of natural gas or Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) to meet the needs of primary energy power plants. It is also well to reduce the consumption of fuel oil (BBM), which is still used to operate several power plants.

Gas Electricity - "As a first step, PLN has tied collaboration with RINA, an international consultant, for the manufacture and preparation of the review of documents from the Marine CNG transportation to the island of Lombok town of Gresik," said Bambang Dwiyanto, Senior Manager Corporate Communications PLN, in Jakarta, Tuesday

He explained that an agreement has been signed by the Head of the Division of Gas and Fuel M Suryadi Mardjoeki and Director of ERI Darmasetiawan RINA Indonesia, Tuesday (01/31/2012) at the Central Office of PLN.

For information, RINA RINA has developed rules and guidelines for the exploitation, transport and storage of compressed natural gas (CNG Guidelines). In addition, the company also has a document RINA rules and guidelines for the exploitation, transport and storage of compressed natural gas (CNG Guidelines).

According to Bambang, the assignment is RINA will design pattern CNG shipment by sea, so that economic and technical factors can be optimally achieved by paying attention to the security, safety as required in CNG Guidelines and other applicable rules. - Gas Electricity

gas as an alternative to a more efficient electricity production

Gas/Electricity - Efficiency of electricity generation by PLN is not optimal to be one of the problems that are not only faced by PT PLN as the operator but also by countries that bear the greater the subsidy. Low efficiency is driven by the amount of electricity production using fuel energy relatively more expensive than other energy sources.

PT State Electricity Company (PLN) to produce electricity with few energy resources such as water, coal, geothermal, coal gasification, fuel oil (BBM), biofuels, and natural gas. The use of multiple energy sources simultaneously is due to PLN's power plants consist of several types such as hydro, diesel, PLTGU, and Geothermal Power Plant.